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Reese's Cupcakes was founded in 2007 by me, Angela Killion.  I named the business after my youngest daughter, Reese.  We steadily grew and changed over the years.  I decided to take a little break from the business around 2013.  That little break turned into a fairly long break.  Around 2018 I was asked to do a friend's daughter's graduation cake.  And then I was asked to do some cakes here and there.  After the pandemic of 2020 (that continues today), I decided how much I've actually missed this and being able to express myself creatively through yummy cakes and cupcakes.  So, with that, I am back and have already done some remarkable cakes this year.  I look forward to helping you with your requests.  Together, we can help your event be better than anyone could have imagined!  Thank you for visiting Reese's Cupcakes!